Tips for Your Move

  1. All furniture and boxes to be moved must be labeled to allow the movers to install them at the right place. The labels will be provided by your moving supervisor.

  2. We will provide you with special labels to identify each piece of furniture and each box. The information on the labels must be readable from a distance and include your identification number. The use of a bold marker is highly recommended.

  3. Avoid applying labels on leather or fabrics since the stickers won’t adhere to such surfaces.

  4. We ask you not to leave the desk and filing cabinetkeys in their locks. Please, tape them on top of the furniture.

  5. The bookshelf shelves have to be removed, taped together and put at the bottom of the bookshelf before the moving date.

  6. The removable wall panels (acoustic screens) must be free from any objects, such as post-its, paper clips, hooks, push pins, posters, etc.

  7. All the drawers from desks, tables and credenzas, and the contents of all bookshelves, cabinets and showcases must be completely packed. The furniture must be completely empty.

  8. Office equipment, such as phones, computers or printers,  must be coded the same way as any other articles to be moved. Calculators and other accessories must be packed into moving boxes. The moving supervisor will provide you with appropriate plastic bags to fit in cables, mouse pads and other small computer peripherals. These bags must be labeled and identified with the same identification number as the computer related. It is importance to have a backup for your data before the moving date. Please note that every single piece of computer equipment, such as computer, keyboard, printer and monitor, must be labeled individually.

  9. Avoid packing any fluids or dangerous materials in the boxes. If such materials have to be moved, please advise your moving supervisor because special care will be necessary for these products.

  10. For further information, do not hesitate to call your moving supervisor.

Place labels as shown in the following examples